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Sticky Post!

Posting guidelines:

After community input and great suggestions, here are the posting guidelines for promoting your completed Story Arcs in City of Heroes: Issue 14 - Architect

For promoting your arcs:

Arc Title:
Arc ID#:
lj-cut text = brief description (don't forget the " & > marks!)
Author: @authorname
Language: (only if not English)
Alignment(s): (Hero/Villain/Neutral)
Length: (X # of Missions)
Difficulty Level:(Solo/Group/Insane)
- Type: X - EB /X - AV
- Factions:(canon factions / custom)
Additional Notes: (if any)
Tags: (stuff like: comedy / scifi / historic / whatever author wants to put in there)

Please note the lj-cut before "Description".

Also, please post every arc into a seperate thread unless they are part of one big story. Thanks!

For Recommending Arcs:

Arc Title:
Arc ID#:
Difficulty Level:(Solo/Group/Insane)
- Type: EB / AV
- Factions:
Why do you recommend this Arc:

In Search of Lost Time, mkII

Heigh ho! Now that I17's expanded the possibilities of the Architect, I've made over my first arc, In Search Of Lost Time, to take advantage of the new features and of a number of excellent player suggestions. I'd be rather chuffed if you'd give it a spin - I daresay it's quite good!

Arc Title: In Search of Lost Time
Arc ID: 44588
Revamped for I17 - now with double the history!Collapse )

Eeep SPAM!

Caught that spam/Youtube posting and deleted it.

Sorry about that folks. This page is back to its spam free self.

Mission flavors, a general poll

So, I've been working on some arcs in my head, and I'm test driving a few of them, and they get mixed responses so I thought I'd pose a question to some MA veterans.

When building/playing missions, do you prefer to make missions that match the speed and playstyle of average City of Heroes missions, or do you like to mix it up and take non-conventional approaches?

Do you like to throw in unlikely enemies to make the missions fresh, or do you find that unbalanced badguys make the missions more 'unfun' than 'challenging'?

Do you, or would you consider throwing a red herring objective into a mission (e.g. a glowy that does not need to be clicked to complete, but if clicked throws some ambushes at the players)? Or is that dirty pool?

I like playing arcs for the story, and I don't want a too-hard mission to detract from what adventure I'm trying to convey, but like frozenrhino and I talked about over lunch today, most of the time if a bull-headed scrapper-locked team would just step back and use some tact, even difficult missions become quite playable. It's just not an XP meat grinder experience like most of the normal content.

Anyways, what are your tangible experiences? Go wacky with the mission settings? Or reign it back a bit and try to keep it as playable as possible?

Mission Architect Guide

This is an odd question, but is there a guide to making your mission look like an "official mission"?

What I mean is, I know official missions uses colors in the text, but is it universal, what they color? Objectives get red, contact names blue, something like that?

I wanna make my latest mission as professional as possible. Then go back and update my previous missions.


New Mission Arc

Arc Title: Another Sticky Situation
Arc ID#: 365944
Stop the insidious Mr. Goodbar and his army of mutant candy!Collapse )

Back from the abyss

*Peeks in* Ello all. You're sadly absent mod here tanyad with a note to let folks know that the comm has a paid account again so anyone clamoring for a poll or other paid features can have at it.

Hoping to get back to MA work now that I'm on holiday break.

Thanks to xany & ashuroa for keeping the ship afloat!
I've been spending the last few days tinkering around with the AE Mission Editor, and I've come up with three missions. I hope people will have fun playing these, and I am still tweaking them (particularly Roseblood).

Arc Title: You say you want a revolution?
Arc ID#: 318974
Boss battle against revolution-themed villainsCollapse )

Arc Title: Hothead in the city
Arc ID#: 319469
Stop a different kind of Hellion boss before it's too late.Collapse )

Arc Title: Roseblood
Arc ID#: 319985
Defeat a vampire and her multi-media empireCollapse )

#314490: Zombie Ninja Pirates!

Arc Title: Zombie Ninja Pirates!
Arc ID: 314490
Does exactly what it says on the tin.Collapse )

Writer's Strike

If anything resembling the current build on Test goes live, I will unpublish the following Mission Architect missions currently playable on live:

Who is Kidnapping the World's Great Philosophers? - 253920
Jerk Hackers! - 162482
Lesbian Hellion Liberation! - 208830
Death by Snoo-Snoo! - 247372
Lawyers of Ghastly Horror - 253952
Ecloga Prima: Excursio in lingua Latina - 309162

I also urge other story creators to unpublish their stories at the same time. When the pre-download for i16 begins, unless the objectionable XP nerf has been removed, I will unpublish my stories as soon as I can get into the game to do it. I also urge you not to bother publishing any further missions while the nerf on Test is in place. If what's on Test goes live, they'll be playing to empty halls anyways.

In short, I'm calling a writer's strike.Collapse )
Come on, people - we've been slacking! Get into that AE building and find some gems!

Here are a few that I found this morning:

Arc Title: Costume Contest in Atlas Park
Author: @Necrotron
Arc ID#: 230255
Read more...Collapse )

I can't go without posting this one:

Arc Title: Daytime Divas
Author: @Armory1
Arc ID#: 94504
Read more...Collapse )

The Tsoo & Johann Sebastian Bach

Arc Title: A Contract forged in Ink (parts 1 & 2)
Arc ID#: 261176 and 261179
Classical Music and Ancient TattooingCollapse )

New Arc: Building A Better Tomorrow

Arc Title: Building A Better Tomorrow
Arc ID#:253742
A 5-mission arc to defeat a mad architect.Collapse )

Space Otters (the story arc), Arc 248027

Recommendation: Weasel Words

Arc Title: Weasel Words
Arc ID: 32223
'the origin of the weasels'Collapse )

Looking for testers/proofreaders, part 2!

Arc Title: Destiny Discovered: Circle of Thorns
Arc ID#: 238778
Ever wanted a Patron outside of Arachnos?Collapse )

Looking for testers/proofreaders

Arc Title: Destiny Denied: Circle of Thorns
Arc ID#: 225813
Ever wanted a patron outside of Arachnos?Collapse )

First Arc

Arc Title:  Drat! Another Cretin!
Arc ID#:  209472

He thought he was the last...Collapse )

In honor of "Gay Pride" month...

... I'm posting the mission I created last month sometime. The mission is to save the lives of a same-sex couple, so if that offends/is prohibited by your personal morality/viewpoints you may not want to play the mission.

Arc Title: Paragraph 175
Arc ID: 170715
Saving an engaged couple from Nazi extermination.Collapse )

Must Be Bunnies!

Arc Title: Must Be Bunnies!
Arc ID: 199121
bunnies aren't cute like everybody supposesCollapse )

Star Ratings

Does anyone know if the Star Ratings are rounding up and down? I'd like to assume that a 4.5 star rating is turned into a 5, but I can't find the info anywhere. I'd like to know in order to get a better idea of what my arcs are actually rated.

Recommendation: Out of the Gutters

Arc Title: Out of the Gutters
Author: @madcat88
Arc ID#: 68054
Read more...Collapse )


Architect Missions for City of Heroes/Villains

Welcome To CoH Mission Architect!

Welcome to the community for promoting your new content in City of Heroes/City of Villains after the release of I14-Architect.

Come over and show off your creative side! Ask for feed back on your arcs, collaborate with long time pals.

Hope you enjoy your visit here

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